Nick DaltonMy name is Nick Dalton and I work full time on iPhone projects: objective-c programming using the official iPhone SDK, consulting with companies about the iPhone, writing this blog about iPhone development, updating my iPhone book.

In a previous life I was a technical architect specializing in designing and building large scale enterprise Java applications and web sites. Web sites where I was the technical architect include several of the largest automotive OEM web sites in the U.S.: www.infiniti.com, www.lexus.com, www.mazdausa.com, www.nissanusa.com, www.toyota.com. Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to build and roll out high-quality, commercial applications. 

My company is available for iPhone development contract work. You can contact me .

The iPhone Development Blog

This blog was launched on March 6, 2008 – the same day the official iPhone SDK was launched by Apple. That makes it one of the oldest blogs dedicated to iPhone SDK Development. It’s also one of the largest with over 70,000 monthly unique visitors, and over 4,000 RSS feed subscribers.

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Disclosure of Material Connections

I often write about iPhone applications that I have developed, either for myself or for clients. My clients pay me to write code, not to write this blog or to write about them.

Furthermore, this blog does not accept any paid advertisements or paid reviews, and I don’t accept any compensation for what I write.

All the opinions expressed on this blog are mine. My opinions are not for sale.

Best Regards,
Nick Dalton

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