Oct 24

It’s been interesting to follow Trey Smith‘s¬†journey building his app business. Trey comes from an Internet marketing background so he brings new perspectives on marketing apps. That’s why I enjoy his products and listening to his presentations.

Trey is currently in the launch phase of a new product called Indie Academy. This course teaches you how to build apps (primarily games) using Unity and distributing them via Steam. You can of course deploy Unity apps to mobile devices too, but according to marketshare stats, the PC platform is much larger than iOS and Android combined. And there’s a lot less competition on the Steam platform – about 3,000 titles – compared to iOS and Android with over a million apps each.

So if you are developing games or have any interest in the Steam platform, you should checkout Trey’s latest webinar.¬†(Replay)

The webinar also has some great ideas on how you can break through the noise and reach reviewers and important media people to tell them about your app. Specifically pay attention at 41:38.


written by Nick

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