Dec 30

I think we programmers always have projects that never seem to get finished. It could be an app that you’ve been working on for a long time, but it still needs some polish before you think it’s ready to ship. Not to mention all those great ideas that you have for new apps that you haven’t even stared working on.

Today Seth Godin has a great post about shipping something that scares you. He includes an intimidatingly long list of things he shipped in 2010. And then encourages readers to post their own lists.

So here’s my list of apps that I worked on and that shipped in 2010:

In addition there are a few projects in progress that are in review or are almost ready to submit. But that doesn’t count in this context.

The reason for publishing this list is not to brag (although I am quite proud of it), it’s to emphasize that the goal is to ship things. In our case that means getting the apps live on the App Store.

Need help getting things out the door? Checkout Seth Godin’s latest book Linchpin. And the accompanying ShipIt Workbook.

What have you shipped this year? Write a blog post, or submit a comment below. Don’t just post a link, write a story and tells us why shipping this product was scary.

written by Nick

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