Aug 21

Apple posts their answers to the FCC’s questions.

One of the more interesting items posted was the statistic that “more than 40 full-time trained reviewers” review 8,500 new applications and updates per week, and at least two reviewers study each application. Some quick math reveals that each reviewer spends on average 5 minutes testing an application. That explains a lot.

People are questioning if the 40 full-time reviewers is the entire review staff, or if there is an additional group of front-line reviewers. (Would these people be part-time and/or untrained?) Also, how can 40 reviewers (or really 40 / 2) handle all the languages stemming from 77 country specific App Stores?

Now that I got my frustrations with the App Store out of my system, I promise that this will be the last post on this subject for a while. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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