Oct 16

Back in the old days while the NDA was still in effect, us old-time developers had to walk miles through snow without shoes to find any information about iPhone development and the iPhone SDK. These days, there’s too much information available and it’s hard to know where to start.

It’s great if you have a veteran iPhone developer at your side to guide you through the jungle. To make sure that you understand the Cocoa Touch principles, get a good application architecture in place from the start, etc, etc.

Luckily you can have one of the best teachers in the business by your side for two days to get you started the right way. Dan Grigsby of Mobile Orchard fame is teaching his Two Day Beginning iPhone Programming Training Class in Portland, Nov 12-13 and in Los Angeles, Nov 19-20. You don’t need any iPhone or Mac programming experience before the class, but you should have some prior development experience, e.g. being a web developer.

More information here. If you enter the coupon code “nick”, you’ll get a nice discount if you sign up during early registration. (And no, I’m not getting any kickbacks on this.)

If you’re already past the beginner level, then you should definitely subscribe to the Mobile Orchard Podcast. It has great interviews with iPhone developers and gets into wonderfully gory details about iPhone programming and other development issues.

written by Nick

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