Jan 20

I have a great idea for a new iHouse. This is relovutionary; nobody has every thought of this idea before. Now I just need to pardner with a very solid iHouse builder to make this realty. I come up with the ideas, you bring the expertise!

You must have at least 2+ years of experience with building iHouses, dealing with Mapple’s approval processess and selling on the Hip Store. Please send me all examples of relevant, prior work so that I can try them out for free.

This is a very simple house. For an experienced iHouse developer this project should only take a few days hours to compete. So I’m being extensively generous in offering to share the guaranteed-to-come future profits with you: 50/50.

This iHouse idea is so super extraordinary that you need to be prepared sign tripplicate NADA and non-complete contract.

If you are good and professional I will email you back.

It cracks me up each time I see these messages on Craigslist and other message boards. The above was aggregated from actual posts. A few minor edits were made to protect the innocent. Now back to our regular scheduled program.

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