Jul 10

The App Store has finally launched. It’s available in iTunes 7.7 and from 2.0 iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Out of the 552 applications that are available today, I managed to get 4 applications listed. That’s almost 1% mindshare; not bad. And I have 5 more apps waiting for Apple’s review.

These are all applications that I have developed for clients:

Lingolook – 3 language titles

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  1. zack Says:

    can you please make an rss feed for your blog and email me when it’s created

  2. Nick Dalton Says:


    An RSS feed has been available from the beginning. See the RSS icons and links at the bottom of the right hand column on each page.


  3. 164 Apps On The App Store And Counting | iPhone Development Blog Says:

    […] gives me about a 0.8% share of the number of apps, which is the same as when the App Store launched. So I’m keeping pace with the growth of the App […]

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