Sep 03

The more I think about the possibilities of iOS apps on the new Apple TV, the less likely I think it will be. The two main stumbling blocks are:

  1. The difficulty of translating a touch interface to a TV screen.
  2. The new Apple TV has no storage; it’s a streaming only device.

But all may not be lost. I think the new AirPlay could open some interesting opportunities. A game that you play on your iPhone is very personal because of the small screen. But if the content of the iPhone screen was streamed to your TV then your friends can follow the game too.

Expand this to games that can utilize multiple devices, like Scrabble, and you can imagine some really interesting game play.

Granted all these devices will quickly add up in cost way beyond a Wii. But for an iHousehold most of these devices are probably already owned, including a few retired iDevices.

Another interesting aspect of this setup is that you don’t have to carry a stack of DVDs over to your friend’s house, you probably already have your iPhone with you and it is ready to play.

What do you think? What kind of entertainment apps would you like to play this way on your TV?

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3 Responses to “More Thoughts on Apple TV and iOS”

  1. Cory D. Wiles Says:

    I blogged about my predictions on the future of AppleTV and iOS devices.

  2. jp Says:

    here is another reason…Apple is a hardware company and they don’t want people running apps on a $99 device. They want people to buy ipads and ipod touch to run apps. make more $$ that way.

  3. Jean Knoff Says:

    Thanks for all your work. When using XCode 4.2 to build the Box2dTestBed Target, included with Cocos2d-ios-1.0.1 , and attempting to run in simulator of iOS 4.3, the Box2dTestBed can not launch, as the libc++abi.dylib is missing.

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