Jun 17

Sorry about the long absence from the blog. I’ve been busy working on several 3.0 projects. One of the apps I worked on was showcased during Apple’s keynote at WWDC. That was really cool!

  • 3.0 was released to the eagerly waiting public today. For us developers this is mostly an non-event since we’ve been working with the new features for quite a while. Just one note on upgrading your iPhone: During the upgrade process there is a step where you phone has to be re-activated and I’ve read reports that this activation server has been struggling under the immense load today. You may want to hold off slightly with upgrading your primary phone until the frenzy is over, otherwise you might temporarily end up with a phone that is only capable of making emergency calls. Friday is probably also a bad day since the 3G S will go on sale. At least Apple had the sense this year not to launch both the software upgrade and the new iPhone on the same day.
  • The new App Store is live with parental controls. If you haven’t logged in to iTunes Connect for a while you might want to do that and set the parental control settings for your apps. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t specify a rating. But unless you have over 500 apps on the store like one of my clients, then it’s a pretty quick process. And it will provide good information for you potential customers.
  • Now that the NDA is lifted for 3.0, expect to see some 3.0 related posts here. How do you write apps that take advantage of 3.0 and still work on 2.x? Anybody struggling with In App Purchases? Stay tuned.

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