Jan 03

This blog was started in March 2008, back in the days when all iPhone development information was covered by Apple’s draconian NDA. I take great pride in having helped many developers get started with iPhone and iPad development, and answering their questions here on the blog.

Today the landscape for information for iOS developers is very different. For pure programming questions is impossible to beat the sheer breadth of StackOverflow. That is one reason why you have seen a lot fewer programming related blog posts here lately; there’s no point in writing up something that is already well covered on another web site.

If you miss the pure programming topics, here are a few blogs and resources for iOS developers that I highly recommend:

  • RayWenderlich.com has awesome in-depth tutorials on many iOS topics. With each new iOS release they also publish a tome of a book packed with tutorials and sample code. A great resource to quickly get up to speed on new iOS API:s.
  • ManiacDev.com regularly publishes short notes on new open source components and projects for iOS developers. Keeping an eye on this can save you a lot of time in your app development.

So what does the future hold for this blog?

I want to continue helping app developers on their journey to make great apps and to be able to make a living doing so.

Today I’m happy to announce that I’m relaunching this blog as The App Business Blog.

It is increasingly clear to me that pure development skills are not enough to survive and thrive in today’s very competitive App Store marketplace. So going forward you will be seeing a lot fewer programming topics covered here, and a lot more information about marketing your apps. You can also expect more reviews of books, services and information products relevant to app entrepreneurs. (If you have a product or a service that you think is relevant to the readers of this blog, please contact me here.)

Comments are now enabled again, so please let me know what you would like to see here in the future.

written by Nick

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