Chicago Tribune Sports Reader


This application allows you to keep up with the latest sports news from the Chicago Tribune.

Here’s what Scott Kleinberg said about Chicago Tribune Sports Reader on iPhone, Therefore I Blog:

I love it when I download something in the app store that makes me say “COOL or WOW!”
I also like it when someone creates something that’s not a carbon copy of something already in the store.
Chicago Tribune Sports Reader is a perfect example of both.

Chicago Tribune Sports Reader is also very highly rated on the App Store (4.5 out of 5 stars). Here are some customer reviews:

Very Nice App
This application is a very clean and well thought-out way to read the sports section of the trib. I love the way the pictures glide by as you read the article. … Keep up the good work!

Pretty darn slick
Most elegant and fastest app yet, out of all sports apps that I have tried.

Best interface on the App Store!
And the best App on my iPhone

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