Sep 17

So, I was exiting the Castro Street MUNI station, taking the escalator up to street level. I had my book bag over my shoulder behind my back and my iPad in my hand. I decided to hop up the last few steps and tripped hard on the last step. As I careened towards the ground (I knew I was going down) I put my left hand out and realized it contained my iPad. Rather than let if fly or shatter it as I put my hand down, I launched forward and planted an exaggerated right shoulder roll, cradling my iPad like a football. It never touched the ground. I stood up on my knees, embarrassed, laughing and letting others around me know I was okay …. but it was really about my iPad.

You don’t have to be this passionate about your iDevices to work here at Pervasent. But it helps. 🙂

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