Jun 28

My company, Pervasent, develops complex, enterprise class iPhone/iPad software. If that’s what you do, then please keep reading.

Please take a moment and look at our portfolio on our web site. If you have developed similar applications, then we definitely want to talk to you.

At Pervasent we really enjoy our work, and are looking for people who think developing iPhone/iPad applications is fun. We can’t wait to get to work (well, most of the time). We have the pleasure of working with other passionate developers, both on our own projects, and for our top-tier clients. We have been developing applications for the platform since the day it became available for third parties, so other than working for Apple, you can’t work with a more experienced team of developers than you can at Pervasent.

We have two immediate openings for an onsite project in San Francisco to work on a top 10 iPad app. For other projects, we are open to candidates in other locations. Please note that we only hire individuals, not companies. If you work for a consulting or contracting company and you want to offer *your* services, that’s fine, but then we want to see *your* qualifications, not your company’s aggregated portfolio.

These are contract to hire, or long-term contracting positions. And of course you will get paid for your work; no internships or revenue share BS.

All the developers in our company have 10-15 years of large scale, enterprise software development experience. If you have a similar background that’s a definite plus, but not a requirement. But design patterns, object modeling and data modeling must be ingrained in your thinking. Be prepared to answer questions more complex than “explain the benefits of an MVC architecture.”

You should have completed at least a couple of iPhone apps, either as an individual or as a part of a team. Please point us to your best apps in the App Store and describe your development role in each of them.

Beauty and quality comes from within, so at some point we will need to do a code review of something that you have written (this can occur in person on your equipment; we don’t expect you to send us your crown jewels). If that scares you, then this would be a good point to stop reading.

Finally, and most importantly, please tell us why you’re passionate about developing iPhone/iPad apps.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to hearing from you.

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