Oct 10

Fancy UILabels

Craig Hockenberry’s battles with improving the scrolling performance of UITableView.

Cocoa for Scientists (Part XXVIII): Bonjour and How Do You Do?

A great article on low level networking: How do you find and talk to another iPhone or Mac?

iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, The: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK, Adobe Reader

Erica Sadun’s book is now published. It’s a very good read. My only complaint is that there’s more emphasis on private APIs then I’m comfortable with.

Sample code for the book is available here.

Update: The sample code contains a description on how to use the coverflow API hidden in the bowels of the iPhone. Apple has since rejected apps that use this private API.

The How and Why of Cocoa Initializers

While not specifically an iPhone topic, there has been a long ongoing controversy among Cocoa developers on how to properly write init methods. Bottom line is to follow Apple’s example. This article explains why.

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