Oct 03

Now that the NDA has been lifted it’s going to be a lot easier to find interesting links to other blogs discussing iPhone Development.

Code Sample Videos

Erica Sadun has posted sample videos accompanying her upcoming iPhone Programmer’s Cookbook

Glassy Scrolling with UITableView

Some great advice on improving the performance of table views.

Sliding UITextFields around to avoid the keyboard

Managing the keyboard and ensuring that text fields are visible when you enter text is painful. Matt Gallagher presents a generic solution to this problem.

Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example

A very nice tutorial from Matt Long on creating your first iPhone application using Interface Builder.

A touch of Cocoa: inside the iPhone SDK

A series of articles describing the software internals of the iPhone.

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Mar 07

Apple has published plenty of code samples for the iPhone SDK. They are very instructive, but unfortunately they are not very consistent in style and use of Cocoa. It’s hard to tell what the best practices for iPhone programming really are.

Meanwhile I came across Cocoa Dev Central, an excellent web site full of Cocoa tutorials, articles and information. The site is not focused on the iPhone, but there is plenty of good information for budding iPhone programmers. I highly recommend the Objective-C Style I and II tutorials.

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Mar 06

Watching the iPhone Software Roadmap event and at the same checking the iPhone Dev Center page. No updates yet.

Steve Jobs just announced that the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available today. Yeah! Brace yourself at Apple, your servers are about to come under siege.

The Apple web site is now so slow that it’s practically useless. Finally managed to get through the registration and begin the download.

Checked out the KPCB site to get more info on the iFund. That site is overloaded too. You would think that KPCB would have the connections with the right companies in Silicon Valley to get help with their web site. After all, they own large chunks of all the major Internet companies.

Seven hours later…

The download is finally complete. To my amazement the file is complete and error free. Kudos to the Apple web site infrastructure team. Making sure that the connections that did get through to the site are maintained under such a crushing site load is no small feat.

After a whole day of waiting it took me all of 5 minutes to get the first application compiled, built and running in the iPhone simulator.

This is really cool!

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