Oct 02

This week I had the pleasure of both attending and speaking at the 360|iDev iPhone Developers Conference in Denver. Tom and John did an awesome job organizing this conference and they managed to gather an amazing group of speakers and attendees.

My own humble talk was titled UIWebView – The Most Versatile Class in UIKit. A topic that should be familiar to longtime readers of this blog. For the presentation I also took the time to create complete working code examples. Another favorite request around here…

Here are the links to download the presentation and the sample code.

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19 Responses to “360|iDev iPhone Developers Conference Presentation”

  1. Ken Pespisa Says:

    Thank you! I just went through the presentation and there are some fantastic tips in there. This was one area of iPhone development I thought I knew a lot about after developing a browser app, but your presentation opened my eyes to several new ideas. It is a very thorough and useful presentation on UIWebView. Great work!

  2. Nick Says:

    @Ken: Thanks for the feedback on the presentation! I’m glad you found it useful.

  3. Shilpa Says:

    Very nice.. very useful. Thank you.

  4. Rob Says:

    thank you for this. The variable size row idea is really useful. It just made my life _much_ easier in a contracting project and gives a really nice result.

  5. Sharif Says:

    YES again thank you Nick

  6. Sharif Says:

    @Nick How would you search on HTML files in your app bundle from a three level tableView.

  7. Nick Says:

    @Sharif: You can load the HTML into a string, and search the string.

  8. Sharif Says:

    @Nick: I have been awarded permission to use the CDC’s Database that has over 19,000 HIV testing sites and AIDS organizations in the US. I plan to use this database in my app to allow users the ability to search by zip code for the nearest location. I want to incorporate some of the technology that you explained in your presentation however I need a boost…. On the CDC’s end it will be linked to their web services. So how do I retrieve those results when a users puts in a zip code and deliver it back in a nice results table. In summary, what is the best approach to handle this process.

  9. Nick Says:

    @Sharif: If the CDC web service allows you to search by zip code, then the solution I would use is to retrieve a list of the data into an array and then display the data in a table view. This assumes that the typical number of search results is below a hundred, or at most a few hundred. Otherwise you may have some memory issues.
    If the web service does not provide search by zip code, then you have a problem. You would have to download the data locally on the device and then write your own geospatial search since SQLite does not have any geo functions built in.

  10. Sharif Says:

    by the way I figured out how to load the HTML into a string, and search the string for my Search module, thanks.

  11. bongjava Says:

    Does not work on iphone simulator?

  12. Nick Says:

    @bongjava: Correct, it does not work in the simulator.

  13. Arne Says:

    Your slides helped my a whole lot (especially the SnoopWindow).
    Thank you so much.

  14. Aneesh Abraham Says:

    Really great ans helpful , Nick.

  15. Val Says:

    Thank you so much, I had my webview detecting swipes but was swallowing every other touch event. Its great to have it functioning correctly thanks to your example. Also some other your other examples have given me a great starting base for other things 🙂

  16. Michael Morrison Says:

    Nice presentation and sample code – thanks! I’m using a similar YouTube embed technique in an iPhone app and have noticed recently that on the iPad the launched video player essentially gets stuck, meaning it cannot be closed without shutting down the app. The video plays fine, you just can’t close it. Any thoughts on how to make this YouTube embed technique iPad-friendly? Thanks.

  17. Iphone source code Says:

    Thanks for posting the source code to the project. This will prove valuable to the community and sample code is always so useful in working through player problems.

  18. Dan Says:

    Youtube playback does not seem to work in iOS 6.0.

  19. Yuva Says:

    Thanks a lot for the great piece of work and also for sharing the code..

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