Jun 29

With the 3.0 iPhone SDK a new project will by default have only two options listed under Active SDK: iPhone Device 3.0 and iPhone Simulator 3.0.

Xcode 3.1.3 Default List of Active iPhone SDKs

Fortunately Xcode has not forgotten how to create 2.x targeted projects, it’s just that those options seem to be hidden. Xcode usually has multiple ways to accomplish every task. Here’s one way to add the 2.x SDKs to your Xcode drop down:

  1. Select the project file and Get Info.
  2. On the General tab go down to “Base SDK for All Configurations:” and select your desired target SDK from the drop down.

    Xcode 3.1.3 Select Active iPhone SDK

  3. Close the window.
  4. The drop down should now include the new SDK you just selected as an option.

Xcode 3.1.3 Updated List of Active iPhone SDKs

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4 Responses to “How To Create a 2.x iPhone App Project With SDK 3.0”

  1. ry Says:

    thanks, very useful for new developers starting with 3.0/3.1 wanting to get 2.x compatibility (like myself).

  2. ltgbau Says:

    but what happens when we use 3.0 lib like GameKit???

  3. Nick Says:

    @ltgbau: If your app cannot function without a specific 3.0 lib, then of course it has to be a 3.0 only project. If your app can make use of 3.0 features when it’s running on a 3.0 device, and is able to fallback gracefully when running on a 3.0 device, then you can mark the 3.0 lib as a “Weak” Role in Targets > [Name] > Link Binary With Libraries.

  4. ltgbau Says:

    Great answer, thanks for that. I think you should post it in the entry so everyone can read it without reading the comment :))

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